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Tatiana Shepel


Brief overview of – It is the only Ukrainian web-source, covering exclusively the broadcasting market for the TV channels and film production technical services specialists. There are no alternative Ukrainian sources.

Its mission is: to collect all the technical news of broadcasting, TV and film production markets on the separate platform, so that the target audience can easily access them.

Its content is: news of the world brands and companies manufacturing TV and film production equipment, news of Ukrainian TV and film production in terms of technologies, our own reportages from the dedicated Ukrainian and world exhibitions, authors’ materials, as well as interviews with the leading industry specialists. To the content also refer dedicated exhibitions announcements, workshops, presentations and press-releases of the Ukrainian media industry companies.  

Audience is: technical officers and TV channels services specialists, directors of photography, editors, as well as TV and film companies’ representatives.

Attendance: up to 42 000 views a month.    

Attendance statistics over the last 12 months:

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